Diolini releases limited edition vinyl for ‘Butterfly Echo’

In a move that is sure to catch the attention of both vinyl aficionados and music enthusiasts, rising star Diolini has released her evocative album ‘Butterfly Echo’ on vinyl, with a limited press of just 30 copies.

The album delves into themes of personal growth, introspection and the intricate dynamics of human emotions, all encapsulated within melodious harmonies that captivate listeners from the outset.

The origin of its title, as Diolini recounts, is as serendipitous as it is symbolic, marking the inception of the album during a moment of creative spontaneity with producer Kid Wasabi.

“I found myself singing the words ‘Butterfly Echo’ to one of the beats we were working on and it sparked Kid Wasabi’s ear, and that was the birth of ‘Butterfly Echo’,” she says of the collaborative spirit and mutual inspiration behind the album’s creation.

Describing the songwriting journey, Diolini says a seamless blend of empathy and creativity defined the process.

“The songwriting process was easy for me, because I felt safe with my producer,” she says.

Diolini highlights the crucial role of a supportive and understanding environment in fostering her artistic expression. This sense of safety and shared creative vision allowed her to freely contribute ideas, leading to music that was not only authentic to her sound, but also resonant on a personal level.

Furthermore, she says the visual aesthetics of ‘Butterfly Echo’ are deeply intertwined with its sonic landscape, drawing inspiration from the legendary Minnie Riperton.

The album art, a collaborative effort with Pekelatate and featuring handwritten typography by YõLK, captures the essence of Riperton’s influence on Diolini’s music – sultry, soulful and intimately personal.

“She is a legend and that is the essence that I wanted to infuse into my album artwork,” Diolini says of the deliberate homage to Riperton’s enduring legacy.

The vinyl itself is a clear, translucent piece, a pioneering effort in the Namibian music scene, designed to offer an unparalleled auditory experience.

Diolini compares the playback quality of the clear vinyl to “fine-tuning a vintage sports car,” suggesting that the clarity and richness of sound depend greatly on the listener’s set-up, but asserting the potential for a superior listening experience.

Special inclusions with the vinyl, such as a lyric sheet featuring an exclusive artist image, aim to forge a deeper connection between Diolini and her listeners.

“It’s not just about listening, it’s about connecting with the essence of the music on a deeper level,” she says.

‘Butterfly Echo’ is available for direct purchase through Diolini and Kid Wasabi, as well as at Broken Records at Vinyls Music Cafe near Zoo Park, offering fans not just music, but an entry into the vinyl revival movement and a piece of artistic history.

With the release of ‘Butterfly Echo’, Diolini extends an invitation to listeners to embark on a journey of musical and emotional exploration, encapsulated within the grooves of a limited edition vinyl that stands as testament to her artistry, passion and the transformative power of music. – unWrap.online

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