Cape Town mom spends R1,000 a week on groceries – and now she’s sharing her hacks with you

For Cape Town model Kate Walters, budgeting for her family of four’s weekly grocery bill became a necessity.

Due to inflation and the rising cost of living, the mom of two used her savvy spending skills to break down a one-month meal plan to exactly R1,000 a week.

After initially posting her plan on a local Facebook group, the resounding responses prompted her to start an Instagram page and personal blog as platforms to impart her wisdom and share practical advice.

Even when it comes to meal prep ideas, Walters suggests quick and easy-midweek dinners, and includes the recipes in her Instagram posts. She then breaks down the cost of each meal.

She also shares the plug on local factory shops that charge a fraction of what retail stores do with her followers.

To start off, simple things to take into consideration when drawing up a budget are your wants and your needs.

“Focus on getting the essentials first and don’t get all the wants. Split your wants over the weeks within the month so you don’t waste your money,” Walters advised on her blog.

She added that when she goes shopping, she firsts puts the basics into her trolley, adds everything up on her calculator, and if she finds that she’s under budget, she goes for the non-essentials.

Practical suggestions includes adding less meat to your diet, and buying your fruit from an informal trader.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Because so many people have been asking how she manages to stick to her strict budget, Walters developed a workshop video for R250.

Inclusive are the one-month meal plan, 50-minute video and money-saving hacks.

If you’re still doubting her superpower, take note that Walters spent just R672 on groceries per week in the three weeks leading up to Black Friday – including stocking up her pantry. IOL

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