Business owners accused of assaulting workers for theft of fireworks, comforter

Simasiku Mwilima Photo: Lugeretzia Kooper

The owners of Caprivi Cash and Carry at Katima Mulilo have been accused of assaulting two workers who allegedly stole fireworks and a comforter from the store on Sunday to the value of N$13 199.

Zambezi regional police commander commissioner Andreas Shilelo told The Namibian on Monday the owners of the business, brothers Hisham Ahmed and Haytham Ahmed, have registered a case of theft.

Shilelo said the workers were issued a J88 (medical form) after they were arrested, and taken for treatment at the Katima Mulilo District Hospital.

One of the workers is in a stable condition, while the other has been discharged and arrested.

“Without influence, those suspected beaten persons can complain to the police if they know that they were assaulted, and the police will attend to their complaint,” he said.

Speaking to The Namibian from his hospital bed, Mwilima Simasiku said that they took him inside and questioned him after Hisham caught him with the box and discovered the fireworks and comforter.

“I then identified one of my accomplices who was on duty as well, and he was summoned. Haytham and Hisham then handcuffed us, took us to the storeroom, and started beating us. They then brought in four security guards to beat us more. Afterwards, Hisham told the security guards to stop beating us, as he was now satisfied. He thanked them and paid them money for a job well done. He also instructed the security guards to take us to the police station and tell the police they are the ones who caught us red-handed while stealing the items.”

Due to severe injuries sustained on his private parts, he was rushed to the hospital from the police station and is now due for surgery, he said.

“I couldn’t urinate when I was admitted on Sunday due to a disfigured testicle. I’m in excruciating pain. I was just informed by the doctors that I will be having surgery at Rundu to reconstruct my testicle.

“I admit guilt, but they don’t have the right to assault us. However, I am also planning to open a case after my surgery.”

Simasiku’s father, Boniface Simasiku, yesterday said he does not condone his son’s actions, but condemned his assault.

“Their bosses were supposed to let the law take its course, but instead they decided to take the law into their own hands,” he said.


The business owners denied assaulting the workers and say the workers are making up things up after being caught red-handed.

“I saw one of them carrying a big box out of the shop and I asked him what was inside the box. He then said it’s empty boxes that he is going to throw away. However, my gut feeling told me to look inside, so I did. It’s when I saw the comforter and the fireworks hidden inside it. We then took him inside, and that’s when he called out his accomplices. We then went to their houses, searched, and found more fireworks.

“Afterwards, we called the security company to come take them to the police station. We did not even touch them at all. We don’t know where all these alleged injuries are coming from,” said Hisham.

According to the shop manager, Haytham, after the incident he went to check their stock and realised two boxes of fireworks valued at N$6 000 each were missing.

“I went to open a case against them, and they were fine without any injuries. We did not assault anyone. We know the laws of the country,” he said.

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