Building a Healthy Relationship with a New Boss

Your relationship with your manager has the power to make or break your experience at work. What do you do if you have a new manager who makes you question a job you once loved?

Here’s how to adapt: Tap into the power of positive thinking and empathy.

It’s normal to resist change. Pause and ask yourself if your new boss is really the problem, or whether you’re simply reacting to the loss of your old boss. This may help you embrace a more optimistic and compassionate outlook.

Study your new boss’s priorities, preferences, and pet peeves.

To set the relationship up for success, do your part to establish a dynamic that works for both of you. It’s important not to reject your new boss’s management style.

But it’s also important not to ignore your own needs.

Be proactive about expressing your own tendencies and preferences.

Double down on work.

Your new boss needs to see what you’re capable of. A great first impression will be the foundation upon which your working relationship is built.

  • •This tip is adapted from ‘When a New Boss Makes You Hate a Job You Once Loved’, by Rebecca Knight.

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