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Jaleel Shikwambi (24) is the founder of Bin Butler, a wheely bin cleaning service.

Shikwambi’s journey into entrepreneurship began in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, when he noticed the neglect of wheelie bins and resulting hygiene issues.

He recognised an opportunity to create a solution that would promote cleanliness and environmental sustainability in Namibian communities.

Shikwambi says he never planned on becoming an entrepreneur, and always thought he would follow the more traditional route of going to university and focusing on establishing himself in a reliable career.

However, due to his curious nature and passion for tackling new challenges he found himself creating Bin Butler.

Armed with a state-of-the-art pressure washer and eco-friendly cleaning materials, Shikwambi ensures that Bin Butler distinguishes itself from traditional cleaning services by prioritising sustainability and environmental responsibility.

He says he envisions his business to create opportunities for employment.

Shikwambi says he was only able to face the challenge of running his business and studying at the same time by giving equal importance to both.

By registering for part-time studies and carefully managing his schedule, he found a way to juggle his commitments effectively.

Shikwambi says Polly Negongo, the managing director of Namibia Innate Supplies and an investor in Bin Butler, played a successful role in the success of his business.

He says mentors provide guidance, encouragement, and a sense of direction.

Shikwambi says his partnership with Negongo has also helped him overcome the financial hurdles he faced in the beginning stages of Bin Butler.

He says he envisions Bin Butler as a catalyst for change in Namibia’s waste management landscape.

His aspirations include scaling the business and establishing Bin Butler as a key player in Namibia’s waste management industry, while making a lasting impact on environmental sustainability.

Bin Butler can be reached on Instagram @bin_butler, or at 081 220 6555.

– Afterbreak Magazine

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