Big Mitch announces his return to comedy

GUESS WHO’S BACK … Big Mitch is set to take to the stage at the National Theatre of Namibia on 24 November with his stand-up comedy show, ‘God, Family, Comedy’.

Having called it quits last year, multi-award winning comedian Big Mitch announced that he will be returning to the stage this month.

Big Mitch will be hosting the anticipated comedy show, ‘God, Family, Comedy’ at the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) on 24 November.

The show, under the hashtag #RoadToFillUpTheNTN, promises an uproarious night of side-splitting humour in which Big Mitch showcases his undeniable talent for weaving relatable stories with a unique comedic twist.

“’God, Family, Comedy’ is all about bringing back the fundamentals of a proper working society. These elements made societies thrive and we are slowly removing them, and society is in a fallen state.

“When countries were conquered in the olden days, conquerers targeted the three fundamentals, and they later didn’t even need to use force,” says Big Mitch, adding that he will draw on this to show Namibians how important these fundamentals are to a nation and why they should not sway away from them.

“In all, it will be about my journey and growth as a comedian, experiencing all three of those elements and how I managed to use them to my advantage and make them work for me.”

Big Mitch also promises plenty of surprises during the show.

“Expect to see your own celebrities at this show because we are making history. This is going to be a revelation for Namibian comedy,” he says.

In addition, Big Mitch says the show will feature some edgy, relatable and educational material as well.

“We will be talking about our country and the state the world is in right now,” says Big Mitch who adds that there will be a meet and greet and networking session as well.

Big Mitch is not only beloved by comedy enthusiasts, but has also been recognised by his peers and industry professionals for his outstanding contributions to Namibian comedy. His performances have consistently left audiences in stitches and his ability to connect with people through his humour has made him a household name.

With his razor-sharp wit and charismatic stage presence, this Namibian comedy icon has won the hearts of audiences across the nation. Over the years, Big Mitch has won several awards, such as the Free Your Mind Comic of the Year award in 2016, Redbull Comic of the Year award in 2017 and SYM Comic of the Year award in 2018.

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