Basson to exhibit after five years

NEW BEGINNINGS … Some of Pieter Basson’s new artworks will be exhibited in April. Photo: Pieter Basson

With more than 20 years in the arts industry, visual artist Pieter Basson is due to stage an exhibition after a five-year hiatus after battling with schizophrenia.

Basson told The Namibian recently the upcoming exhibition, titled ‘New Beginnings’, is set for 3 April at the Namibian Arts Association in Windhoek.

Information and communication technology deputy minister Emma Theofelus has been invited as the guest of honour and will deliver the opening address.

The 52-year-old artist, who has staged seven solo exhibitions and uncountable group exhibitions, said ‘New Beginnings’ will showcase more than 25 of his pieces.

“Most of these artworks were done last year.”

Basson said the title of the exhibition says it all: ‘New Beginnings’ refers to the bluebell flower, which has numerous meanings, as the first flower to bloom after winter.

“The theme portrays that failure in many ways must lead you to be objective, as to which you should consider not necessarily having to start from scratch, but to pick up the broken pieces of your life and make it all a new beginning. Humanity started off and took just a flower like the bluebell as a focus point on something with great spiritual and physical meaning for humanity,” he said.

Basson said his mental health struggles over the years also provided a form of inspiration.

“This is a starting point to get creative and start over with what you have and what you can get hold of to put back broken pieces, hearts and inspiration in your life.”

Basson added that some of his new artworks are inspired by the creative genius of Pablo Picasso, who used to create three art works per day, amounting to 50 000 artworks throughout his life.

“I cannot consider myself to do that, but I find inspiration to do that sometimes or more. I like to work very fast with a sort of fixed idea as to what medium and styles. Some works get through in a short time, while others go on until I am happy with them somehow.”

This can take anywhere from one to three evenings, said Basson.

He said he also considered two young upcoming artists to take part in his upcoming exhibition, to offer them an opportunity they may never have.

Basson’s previous exhibition, titled ‘Divine Intervention’, consisted of 25 artworks and was exhibited at the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre in Windhoek.

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