Artists sing Brave Warriors’ praises

Even before Namibia’s maiden victory at the Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) this week, local artists and creatives started making songs in support of the Brave Warriors.

Rapper Kp Illest, Big Ben, Royal Ndappy, Kachazi and Jalizo all contributed to composing anthems Namibians can sing along to while rallying behind the national team.

Big Ben says the song he was involved in making was the brainchild of the MTC Knockout Project.

He and other musicians were tasked to and successfully produced a song which was launched before the Brave Warriors left for Ivory Coast, he says.

“The song was … to assist the Brave Warriors team financially in preparation of Afcon. They invited Jeoffrey, Royal Ndappy, Kachazi, myself and Jaliza, locked us up in a studio and that is what we came up with.

“I was very happy about the opportunity to work with other great and creative musicians. I learned a lot and got inspired in the process.

“MTC embraced us on this journey and invited us to perform the song at various events and that was a level of exposure we would not have gotten if it was not for that project,” Big Ben says.

He says during the fundraiser, the coach addressed them and promised that the team will work hard to disturb the peace at the Afcon tournament.

“Our first win was proof that the coach and his team are out there to cause problems. I am a happy Namibian.

“I will let the Namibian flag sleep on the bed, while I sleep on the floor for now,” he says.

Rapper Kp Illest has surprised many of fans and the country at large after releasing a banger of a song in support of the Brave Warriors right after their win.

In the song he mentions many of the Namibian players with his creative and witty rhymes, highlighting why the team will be a force to be reckoned with at Africa’s biggest soccer tournament.

“There wasn’t really any inspiration behind the song. I was at home in the studio and just thought I wanted to show support for the boys and I wanted them to see that there was effort behind the song.

“I wanted them to see that I actually went into the studio and wrote, recorded, mixed, mastered and bought the beat, so they can see we are really supporting them,” he says.

The rapper says after the win he felt like the Brave Warriors could take on even some of the best teams in the world, including Manchester City, England, and Brazil.

“The confidence is high, because this was just not any first win. If we had won against a lower-ranked team, it would not have been what it is, but we won against a powerhouse in Africa.

“Tunisia is just not any team, you just don’t win like that against a team that strong.

“And if you watched the game, it was not a lucky win. We had more shots on target and although our possession was lower, we dominated the game.

“Tunisia should count themselves lucky because we had more opportunities on goal. I’m smoking on that confidence ..,” he says.


While the focus initially centred on the team’s on-field success, off-field discussions ignited on social media when Namibia’s squad touched down in Ivory Coast.

Criticism swirled around their fashion choices upon disembarking from the aeroplane.

The players’ unique style became a topic of debate, with some praising their individuality and others questioning their unconventional fashion.

Fashion designer and influencer Luis Munana hit back at naysayers, saying the team should not be demoralised on or off the pitch.

“I think as a nation it is important to stand behind our national team on and off the pitch.

“Everyone has social media, so when our players read negative comments about their attire it becomes demoralising coming from their own people.

“Now that we’ve made history, everyone is rallying behind the team. I hope we keep this level of support and continue to support the team for as long as we draw breath,” he says.

The Brave Warriors are scheduled to take on South Africa’s Bafana Bafana on Sunday evening. –

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