Art Courses are Underrated

Why are you doing drama, music, fashion, dance or ceramics?

You’re just wasting your time. There are no jobs in those fields.

These are the questions arts majors get every time they mention what they are studying.

They are constantly judged and criticised for their choices, for trying to stand out, for doing what they will enjoy after graduation and for doing what helps them make some money.

Just in case they do not get jobs right after getting their degrees, fashion students could use their skills to design and make clothes which could lead them to success in the fashion industry.

Ceramics students could make ceramic objects to sell, dance students could create their own dance societies and drama students could participate in plays and adverts, become scriptwriters, or participate in theatre productions.

These students could use their developed skills to keep themselves off the streets, while looking for stable jobs to help them generate a small income for themselves.

Namibia has so many talented people, but they are demotivated and afraid to pursue what they have a passion for at tertiary level, because they are afraid of being judged and of ending up on the streets with no jobs after graduation.

People should treat art courses the same as any other tertiary course.

Instead of criticising and looking down on art courses, we need to motivate talented people to showcase their talents and help grow the creative industry.

Fiina Paavo

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