Angula told by God to run for presidency – MP

Ally Angula

United People’s Movement (UPM) vice president and member of parliament (MP) Jan van Wyk says his party supports independent candidate Ally Angula in the upcoming elections because she was told by God to run for the presidency.

Speaking to The Namibian yesterday, Van Wyk, whose party was in an alliance with the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) in the 2019 elections, said his party was moved by two things to support Angula.

“She is not there because she wants to be there. She got this message to prepare herself, that is one reason,” Van Wyk said of Angula being instructed by God to make herself available.

“I believe she has the capability. She might be a bit young, but that’s also an advantage. She knows how to really bring this country back on board. The only thing now is to convince thousands out there to go and vote for her.”

On why the UPM dumped the PDM, Van Wyk said the alliance with the PDM was for the 2019 elections and the central committee of the UPM decided that the alliance should only continue until 21 March 2025.

“The central committee said for the 2024 elections, let’s go solo and let’s look at an alliance where the UPM will be the leading party. The reason for this was just to re-establish the UPM brand,” Van Wyk said.

He added his party’s existence sort of disappeared in the UPM-PDM alliance, particularly in 2021 when the PDM began the slogan, ‘Vote for PDM 2024 elections’. This indicated that extending the alliance was not possible.

“Unfortunately, there was no communication from them to us,” he said.

Van Wyk said his party had a meeting with the PDM about two weeks ago to inform the official opposition party about the UPM’s decision regarding the alliance.

Despite the split, he said there is no bad blood between the two parties that continue to work together in parliament.

He acknowledged the alliance’s success in reducing Swapo’s dominance in the National Assembly, a goal he said he would have preferred to pursue further.

However, he said he respects the UPM’s central committee’s decision.

“If I could have decided, I would have said let’s go ahead with that relationship. The UPM is not a one-man show. The central committee took that decision and I have to go with the majority, like I said there is no bad blood between us and we are still together in parliament,” he said.

Van Wyk also refuted any characterisation of the UPM as a tribal party, saying its membership is diverse.

The media reported this week that the UPM, civic organisations KG Namibia, Youth Power and National Empowerment Fighting Corruption (NEFC) party, launched an alliance in support of Angula for the November elections.

Van Wyk and NEFC president Kenneth Iilonga signed the alliance agreement on behalf of the two political parties.

PDM secretary general Manuel Ngaringombe said the alliance between the PDM and UPM was from 2019 to 2025.
“If they are going to start a new alliance I think it’s their right,” Ngaringombe said.

He added that the PDM will comment on the matter at a later stage.

Political commentator Ndumba Kamwanyah said the UPM and NEFC’s marriage with independent Angula is a drop in the ocean in terms of making an impact.

“Those are very small party organisations and will bring less to Ally’s table in terms of voter support. But, strategy-wise it is a good move for Ally’s campaign to employ a small politics approach,” Kamwanyah said.

Kamwanyah added that if Angula’s campaign succeeds in making the diverse small groups coalesce around her as a candidate, then there is a slim chance that Angula’s impact will be felt.

Angula told The Namibian yesterday that she is confident about winning this year’s presidential election.

“Thankfully, I am energetic, young and I am ready for the work required,” Angula said.

On being instructed by God to make herself available, Angula said: “Yes, I was nudged by the Lord to run for the presidency of the country in a dream, very, very clear, and I am honouring that call and being obedient to this call and He will accomplish what He wants to accomplish through me running.

“I know for certain that it was the Lord talking to me because there are many things that he has shown me to build up my confidence. I believe that it is Him that is talking, that it has come true already in some form or shape.”

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