AI job market is rising in SA – here’s a look at the most in-demand AI jobs

The demand for AI jobs is increasing as AI is being integrated into the South African business world. Photo: Freepik

Artificial Intelligence is starting to be more commonly integrated into the business world of South Africa, resulting in an increase in AI job positions.

This is according to the February 2024 Pnet Job Markets Trends Report.

The report states that there has been a rise in demand for AI specialists and professionals, following the integration of AI in SA businesses and in over the past five years, there are has been a 182% increase in AI vacancies.

South African job hotspots

Data from the report shows that in Gauteng there is a 63% demand for AI employees, followed by the Western Cape with 19%.

In KwaZulu-Natal there is a 3% demand for AI jobs and a further 8% demand for AI work opportunities that don’t have a specific geographic location.

AI positions in the SA job market

An analysis of the South African job market over the last 12 months has revealed that most of the AI job opportunities are IT-related.
Here are the most in-demand AI jobs:

  • data scientist (29%)
  • data analyst (24%)
  • data engineer (16%)
  • software developer (11%)
  • machine learning specialist (9%)
  • business analyst (4%)
  • sales professional (4%)
  • IT architect (3%)

Skills that AI candidates need

According to the report, AI job candidates need to have strong skills in programming, data science, statistics and machine learning.

The top five key skills employers are looking for in AI employees are: machine learning, predictve modelling, Python, SQL and Java.

– IOL Business

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