Advocates pay tribute to veteran counsel Botes

The Society of Advocates of Namibia has paid tribute to its most senior member, Louis Botes, who died in Windhoek last week at the age of 63.

The society, in a statement yesterday, described him as an “incredibly intelligent man with a vast knowledge of the law”.

The lawyers’ body remarked that Botes was a “criminal specialist, the only remaining one who practised mostly in the criminal courts”.

“But you definitely underestimated him at your own peril in a civil matter,” stated the society.

He was known to be a tactical cross-examiner, was meticulous in his preparation for cases and had the advantage of a photographic memory, the society further stated.

Botes was admitted to practise law in pre-independence Namibia in 1985. He thereafter worked as a public prosecutor until he joined the Society of Advocates of Namibia in 1988.

He served as an acting judge of the High Court twice, in 2006 and 2010.

Despite his status as the Society of Advocates’ most long-standing member, Botes never applied to receive official senior counsel status, or ‘silk’.

“He made a conscious choice to remain a junior member, our most senior junior, because for him it was not about the status,” the society said in its statement.

“It was more about the practice of the law and being in that privileged position to be able to speak on behalf of others who would not be able to afford the services of senior counsel. For him, it was a true calling to help others. He wanted to be able to continue helping, especially those living outside Windhoek in the smaller towns who had cases in the magistrates courts and regional courts.”

The society recalled that Botes was skilled in the art of cross-examination, although “a little theatrical maybe”, and entertaining to watch as he grilled a witness.

The body also described Botes as generous, noting that he was willing to reduce his fee for clients who were unable to pay his full fees, but did not publicise his generosity.

Botes served as a council member of the Society of Advocates during 2022 and 2023.

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