A Vision for Change: Upholding Democracy and Rule of Law for Namibia’s Future in 2024

Panduleni Itula

Compatriots and citizens of the Land of the Brave. As we stand on the brink of a new year, our nation reflects on the journey we have traversed and the enormous challenges that lie ahead.

The year 2024 is not just another year, it represents a crucial juncture in our democratic journey – the crossroads – a chance to reaffirm our commitment to the sacred principles that should govern our beloved nation.

This past year has been a mix of trials and triumphs for our nation, a testament to our resilience and determination.

Our vibrant engagements, like those around the African Stars and Chula Chula football match, have demonstrated our unyielding spirit and the vital role our youth play and must continue to play in shaping the future of Namibia. It is our common destiny.

The festive season, with its spirit of unity and togetherness, sharing and caring, reminds us of our collective strength.
It echoes the essence of our nation – a community bound by shared aspirations and values. We are in it together!

As we look towards the 2024 elections, the importance of jealously safeguarding our democracy and democratic institutions cannot be overstated.

A robust and vibrant democracy is the foundation of a thriving nation. It is the soil in which the seeds of progress and prosperity are sown.

For this reason, the role of an impartial and competent Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) is paramount.
The ECN must stand as an unbiased guardian of our electoral process, ensuring that every Namibian’s voice is heard and counted fairly.

It’s only through such integrity in our electoral system that we can truly steer our country towards a more prosperous and equitable future.

The time has come for us to challenge the status quo set by Swapo, a path of socioeconomic destruction, that has led us away from the core values of transparency, nation-building and progress.

Their governance has not only failed to create our common wealth, but has also eroded the trust and created apathy in our democratic electoral processes and governance institutions.

Our party, the IPC, is capable and has the capacity and unwavering determination to lead Namibia into a new era.
An era where honesty, accountability, transparency and a genuine commitment to every citizen’s well-being are not just promised but shall be the pillars of our governance.

We aim to repair the damages of the past and embark on a journey where equality and prosperity are not mere aspirations, but tangible objective realities for all Namibians.

The 2024 watershed presidential and National Assembly election is an ultimate critical opportunity for us to restore hope and faith in our democratic institutions and processes and our government under the IPC.

The nation must have hope and trust in our meritocratic leadership to deliver socio-economic triumphs pragmatically.

Let us step into 2024 with a collective resolve to transform our nation through a decisive ballot blow against Swapo.

Together, we can chart a new course for Namibia – a course where our democracy is robust, our institutions are respected and our people are united in their diversity.

Together, let’s make 2024 a landmark year for Namibia, a year of decisive victory against the corrupt forces that caused untold misery to our people, a year where our shared vision for a united, democratic and prosperous nation becomes an objective reality. A Merry Christmas and a victorious 2024. The people shall triumph.

  • Panduleni Itula is the president of the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC).

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