A car with Style to its name

When Volkswagen (VW) uses the word ‘Style’ in the name of one of their many models, they mean it. And style with substance is exactly what you get with the VW Amarok Style.

From interior luxury, ample interior space, practicality, a clear view of what is happening on the dash board, as well as responsiveness, Amarok’s newest brand model is filled with flair.

Introduced to Namibia just over a year ago, the Amarok Style’s responsiveness in terms of its 2.0 litre engine is mind-boggling, especially for such a big body.

Prospective buyers often opt for looks, safety, comfort or fuel efficiency. But Autohaus Windhoek’s Chad Wright says the Style is all about space.

“The Style is a nice spacious car, you can take it off-road, on road, it is a family car, work car, it is all your choice and it fits right there in the middle,” says Wright.

Kicking out a cool 154KW from a 2.0 litre diesel turbo engine, the 4-cylinder inline engine is supported by a 10-speed auto gearbox that is more than adequate for a smooth transmission between gears. Even the short, chubby metal coloured gear stick resembles that of a race car and means no more fiddling with the gearshift, as all functions are at hand.

The 10-speed auto gearbox means more convenience for the driver, who can focus on the road, while the gearbox smoothly works through the gears. Even during our test drive (and sometimes at high speeds through tight corners) the 4-Motion did not disappoint, offering a sense of safety at all times.

Despite taking the vehicle (under supervision and in a controlled environment) through its paces, the car handled with finesse, while the multi-functional power steering wheel makes driving the double cab bakkie a dream.

Even the turbocharger complements the responsiveness of the vehicle, with no excessive turbo lagging when stepping on the accelerator.

The massive bakkie also boasts massive fuel efficiency, and according to the spec sheet, it can reach a distance of just over 1 000km on its 80-litre fuel tank. That calculates to around 7,5 litres per 100km under normal driving conditions.

Don’t let looks deceive you, the Style boasts impressive off-road capabilities, with a brake tow capacity of 3 500kg, it is easily able to ferry heavy loads. In layman’s terms, the Style can tow 3,5 tonnes, providing the trailer has its own brakes. Un-braked towing capacity is calculated at 750kg.

The Amarok will not leave you in doubt when going off the beaten track and encountering obstacles, as the approach angle is 30 degrees and the departure angle is 26 degrees. With a ground clearance of 235mm, it is capable of taking on the farm road’s ‘middel mannetjie’ without causing any damage to the car’s under body. And should there be water crossing to be done, the Amarok’s impressive 800mm wade is slightly higher than some of the bigger and more prominent off-road vehicles.

The inside of the car is like a lounge, with Savona leather seats, keyless entry and stop/start functions, and a 12-inch diagonal colour touch screen infotainment system.

The car is simply hard to ignore, but the Amarok range does not start or end with the Style. There is something for every taste, task or personality, ranging from the entry level single cab that is ideal for the small business sector, to the reliable Life model. For those with a few extra dollars, there’s the VW Amarok Adventure and the PanAmericano that will blow your mind.

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