78th UN Summit: This Time for Africa!

As the bustling city of New York hosts the 78th session of the United Nations Assembly (UNGA) from 18 to 26 September, there is a tangible sense of hope in the air.

World leaders and influential policy makers, among others, have converged with a united vision to craft a brighter, and more inclusive future for mankind.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are often seen as a journey of hope and progress which symbolise global unity and ambition for nations worldwide (Namibia included).

As countries approach the midpoint of this journey, it is imperative that world leaders at UNGA reflect, rejuvenate, and not regress.

The assembly offers an opportunity for nations to celebrate milestones achieved since 2015 and to rekindle a collective spirit towards achieving goals set for 2030. 

UN summits are known for high-level dialogues, but the true value lies in the transformative actions that these engagements can inspire.

The world is evolving at a rapid pace, and with it, the approaches and strategies needed to tackle pressing issues.

The UN General Assembly has positioned itself as an agent of change by adopting innovative solutions and collaborative partnerships.


This year, Africa, with an emboldened ‘Common Position’, is ready to steward its unique narrative. Three high-level events stand out for the continent:

• The SDG Summit: Africa’s relationship with the Sustainable Development Goals shows the continent’s resilience and ambition.

While facing myriads of challenges, there are an abundance of stories of hope, progress, and innovation.

African leaders will use this opportunity to showcase their wins and dreams, and to reiterate the power of sustainable development.

• Financing For Development: African leaders are using this high-level dialogue to talk about Africa’s growth story, a story that is just beginning.

This defining moment demonstrates the boundless opportunities waiting to be unlocked.

For Namibia, green hydrogen energy, mining, and oil discoveries are among those opportunities.

• Climate Ambition Summit: Africa’s ‘Common Position’ in the Climate Change and Climate Adaptation global dialogue is both poignant and powerful.

As the continent is seen as an inspiration when it comes to sustainability, African leaders will seek global collaboration to further green initiatives.

This summit isn’t just an event, it is a beacon of hope for the world’s 7,8 billion people, symbolising a global commitment to a better tomorrow.

With Africa at the centre, this year’s assembly aims to reshape our world, weaving a tapestry of unity, progress, and boundless opportunities.

  • Mervin ‘!Notani’ Kensington, is a certified policy officer in European and International Organisations (CIFE-European Institute), and a senior relationship analyst at a prominent Namibian bank. This article is shared in his personal capacity.
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