2023: The Year of Exit’s Success

Kwaito star David Shikalepo (34), popularly known as Exit, describes 2023 as a year with many achievements.

“Although it had ups and downs, good and bad months, I can say overall it was a good year for me,” he says.

Throughout the year, Exit says his brand, Rockaz, has achieved significant milestones in the industry, including successful concert performances, collaborations, the release of new music, and engagement with a growing local and international fan base.

He says hurdles such as creative blocks and the uncertainties of the music industry have, however, caused him some stress.

“But with hard work and unity we overcome these challenges,” he says.

Exit says the highs of the year included successful music releases, performances and positive feedback from the audience, while the lows include the demanding nature of the industry, moments of self-doubt and the need to balance personal and professional commitments.

He says this year artists have witnessed some evolution in their music.

With a diverse repertoire spanning various genres, Exit says he believes he has solidified his status as a pioneering force in the music industry.

The singer says he is grateful for his career so far, having 15 albums under his belt, including the two that were released during his time as a member of Exit & Mushe.

Exit says he started singing in Grade 8.

“I was a young high school music star on the rise. One of my teachers told me I would be a great musician after I wrote my first song and book. I never stopped being artistic from there,” he says.

Exit’s first solo album was released in 2010, called ‘The Alpha and Omega’, which he says was a new beginning for him.

Since then he has released many albums.

“I’m very fortunate to have contributed to the industry . . . I know exactly what young artists go through when trying to get recognition for their craft,” says Exit.


The singer is currently gearing up for his biggest concert of the year, called ‘Rockaz Reunion’, scheduled to be hosted at Sam Nujoma Stadium on 9 December.

Exit says attendees can anticipate an electrifying line-up of musical performances.

Additionally, interactive activities, guest appearances and engaging visual elements will be integrated.

Looking ahead, he says next year promises to bring an exciting array of new music releases, collaborations and the exploration of innovative avenues to connect with the audience.

“We are dedicated to further elevating our artistic vision and leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.”

Exit advises fellow musicians to be disciplined and follow their dreams.

“Finish school, then find your niche. stay focused and don’t give up. Think outside the box, avoid peer pressure, drugs and alcohol, use your money wisely, invest while you are young and take care of your parents.”

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