1 100 traffic fines issued in Windhoek over holidays

Traffic officers in Windhoek have issued 1 108 fines in December, according to statistics the City of Windhoek has provided The Namibian with.

Speeding violations topped the list, with 171 fines, with disregarding road signs closely following, while 86 fines were issued to drivers without a valid driving licence.

Another 85 fines were issued to motorists for failing to carry their driving licences.

Vehicle fitness-related fines amounted to 162, with unregistered or unlicensed vehicles constituting 57.

The failure to display front or back number plates resulted in 42 fines, while 51 fines were imposed due to non-compliance with registration certificates for taxis.

Some 18 fines were issued to motorists for using cellphone while behind the wheel and instances of not wearing seatbelts amounted to 48 fines.

A total of 42 fines were recorded for ignoring red traffic signals.

The data also unveiled instances of overloading passenger vehicles and learner drivers driving without supervision.
A total of 20 fines were imposed for overloading.

Parking and stopping violations constituted a significant portion, totalling 332 fines.

The most prevalent offences were related to stopping in prohibited areas, amounting to 34 instances.

On-street parking violations accounted for 287 fines, while breaches of road markings and disabled parking constituted a smaller fraction of the total number of offences.

City of Windhoek spokesperson Harold Akwenye has expressed concern over the high number of traffic violations reported.

“Instances of inconsiderate driving, exceeding speed limits, and disregard for road signs are particularly prevalent and pose significant risks to all road users.

“As responsible members of the community, it’s crucial for us to prioritise safety and adhere to traffic laws for the well-being of everyone on the road.

“Let’s collectively strive to make our roads safer by being mindful of our actions, respecting traffic regulations, and fostering a culture of compliance,” he says.

Statistics from towns such as Walvis Bay and Swakopmund, which hosted a high number of visitors during the festive season, were not available at the time of going to print.

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