ZyX on matters of the heart and saving lives

Paula Heita

Upcoming R&B and Dancehall artist Paula Heita, better known as ZyX, is not just making waves in the music scene, but is also saving lives as a paramedic.

Having grown up with a choir leader and pianist father, she says music has always been part of her life.

“It’s something I have always found comfort in during any part of my life. In happy or sad moments, I would always run to music,” ZyX says.

She has released two albums and has performed at a number of events locally, while also representing Namibia on a few international platforms.

Her biggest project, ‘Matters of the Heart and Art’, boasts over 30 000 downloads on Donlu Africa.

“Donlu Africa is a great platform for Namibians to show their art,” she says.

ZyX recently ventured into the paramedic field and says she enjoys hobbies such as cooking and painting.

“I am a painter and also a cook, and this is my second-favourite hobby. Professionally, I am a paramedic and a business owner,” she says.

She says she has a team supporting her as a paramedic and mother of one.

ZyX says a lack of support, as well as favouritism in the local entertainment industry are major challenges.

“It is really hard to represent a country when the people who have the means to help you represent your flag go mute when one of the artists is chosen to showcase their talent in another country.

“And the favouritism and being a woman in entertainment in general is also not easy,” she says.

ZyX encourages young women to chase their dreams and to always remember that respect and consistency go hand in hand.

“To the girls, go for it, but whatever you go for, have a backup plan and make sure whatever you choose to do, you love and enjoy doing it.

“If you’re not going to put in 100%, try something else you do enjoy. The world is not so kind to smart, ambitious women.

“It’s our job to remind them how strong and powerful we are when working together,” she says.

ZyX encourages Namibians to support local talent instead of focusing on international acts.

“As a nation, let’s look to our own creatives instead of supporting others. We have so many people with so much talent and potential, but we opt for international acts, forgetting we got to know those people because their own people have done so well by promoting and uplifting them.

“It’s not impossible; it just takes a different point of view and faith in your own people,” she says. – unWrap.online

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