Winter Essentials for Men

As the temperature drops over the next two months, many men might deviate from their daily routines, including the habit of showering twice a day.

It’s easy to let things slip, but why should it be this way?

Winter is a season where we can look elegant and sophisticated.

Importantly, consistency is a key characteristic that every man should embody, and maintaining daily routines is essential.

Showering twice a day, both in the morning and evening, should remain part of our routines.

Additionally, make sure to thoroughly moisturise your hands, face and ankles.

Many men neglect this, resulting in dry, rough skin, especially on the hands and ankles, which can appear unattractive.

Consistency in your grooming routine is crucial, so take the winter season as an opportunity to enhance your elegance and sophistication by sticking to your daily habits and keeping your skin well-moisturised.

Here is what you need to focus on:

To keep the head and face warm this winter and depending on the occasion, wool fedoras and beanies are versatile choices that blend function with style. Select one that complements your overall ensemble.

Start with a well-fitting, timeless overcoat in tones like black, navy or camel to add sophistication to any outfit for an upper body combination.

Add some style and comfort to your outfits by layering crewnecks and turtlenecks made of materials like cashmere or 100% wool.

A wool scarf in a single colour or delicate design can elevate your appearance and offer refinement and warmth.

In addition to being warm, leather gloves give your outfit a sophisticated look. A puffer jacket is a great option for adding an extra layer of warmth and may be worn elegantly underneath a coat.

For a polished and modern look, finish your outfit with a fashionable sweater vest that can be worn under a blazer or over a shirt. What is important on the upper body is the colour and material coordination.

When it comes to lower body attire, start by investing in a good pair of leather boots, like Chelsea boots or lace-up shoes, which go well with both formal and casual outfits.

Put them with well-tailored wool pants in solid colours for a put-together look that allows you endless styling options.

Other wardrobe must-haves, dark-wash jeans and chinos, may be dressed up or down for every occasion and guarantee comfort and style.

Accessorise your winter wardrobe with eye-catching pieces like a leather belt, a watch and timeless eyewear to elevate your entire appearance.

Moreover, no matter how cold it is, men typically do not wear additional layers under their pants; just boxers and that’s it.

Gentlemen, here’s a straightforward guide to nailing your winter fashion this season.

Think of your body in three sections: upper, middle and lower.

To look your best, follow these simple steps. First, colour coordination is crucial; make sure your outfit’s colours complement each other.
Second, choose your headwear wisely: pair a beanie with chinos or jeans for a casual look, and for formal occasions, swap the beanie for a fedora and pair it with formal pants and a coat.

For inspiration, Pinterest is a great resource.

And remember, simplicity is key.

Keep it simple, and you’ll always look sharp.

– Meneer_SK is an advocate for men’s grooming and all matters relating to men. Follow him on Instagram @Meneer_SK

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