Whose Namibia is this?

Namibia’s vast natural resources makes it one of the richest countries in the world, yet the country is severely underdeveloped.

The education and health sectors are crumbling along with physical infrastructure developed during the apartheid era, which has not been maintained.

I was born in Windhoek, and still I find myself at a loss when trying to make sense of why such a rich country is so poor.

We live in a country where things have exhorbitant prices, because we’re still importing most of what we consume; a country where gender-based violence, especially, is rife; a country where corruption is endemic.

Our water has been cut off by a certain debt management company, and we have been shocked by their brazen disregard for any sense of decency, due process and transparency.

While the company claims to act on behalf of the City of Windhoek, following the city’s guidelines, there seems to be a disconnect between the two entities.

After we have made the payment to the City of Windhoek, the debt management company still refused to reconnect our water supply.

The city could not explain why they would refuse, only saying that they must use a different system. How? And, importantly, why?

Why are residents who are already burdened with outrageous fees for basically non-existent services be subjected to extortion by a shadow entity?

Why is this ‘service’ outsourced when the city has its own debt management department?

Why is there a difference between the city’s records and those of this company?

Why is this company allowed to act with impunity? Why is there no information about their shareholders?

Why is there so little integrity in the city’s billing process? Who is the city accountable to?

I no longer recognise the country of my birth.

Why are so many Namibians unhoused, unemployed and uneducated?

How will we explain the past 33 years to future generations?

What will be left of this rich country?

What will be left for our children?

Very Angry Citizen

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