Wellem Cosmetics to launch hydrating face mask

Wellem Kapenda

Wellem Cosmetics, an online vegan unisex brand specialising in skincare and grooming products, will launch its additional product, a hydrating face sheet mask, in Windhoek.

The brand, which aims to present skincare in a way that is inclusive to all, first started with a beard conditioner and oil.

Managing director Wellem Kapenda says the hydrating face sheet mask deep cleans, improves hydration and promotes a healthy glow.

“I have been working on this for over a year now. That’s all I can say at the moment. We currently have two products: our beard conditioner and our popular beard oil. Soon, we will add the face sheet mask, making it a set of three,” he says.

Kapenda says skincare is performing well in Namibia.

He says five years ago, the industry was not noticed or celebrated the way it is now.

“Our aim is to change the skincare game in Namibia, one product at a time. Over our three years in business, we’ve received multiple requests from women for a product that accommodates them as well,” he says.

Kapenda says it took a lot of planning and strategic thinking to develop a product that complements the Wellem Cosmetics brand.

“I believe our passion sets us apart. Not to be biased, but I do believe we have amazing products and our packaging adds that extra pinch of uniqueness,” he says.

Kapenda says the idea of Wellem Cosmetics started off as an idea on his phone and now it is a fully operational business.

“I spent many months educating myself on skincare products, the ingredients they were made from and how to create a cosmetic range. This was not an easy task, but I am grateful for being blessed with an amazing team behind me,” he says.

Kapenda last year said the brand aims to break stereotypes and offers a fresh approach to skincare, regardless of skin tone, texture and type.

“The cosmetic and beauty industry in Namibia is female dominated. So far, people have been very responsive to the brand, which led to us being featured in British GQ for their Grooming Marvellous section in the December 2021 issue,” he said.

When it comes to safety and health regulations, Wellem cosmetics strive to be 110% compliant.

“We have partners certified by the FDA, ISO and GMP. We have trained professionals ensuring we provide products and services that exceed expectations. Additionally, all our products are registered with GS1 South Africa/Namibia barcodes, proving that we are 100% legitimate,” he said. – unWrap.online

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