Schools to start later in winter

EDUCATION minister Katrina Hanse-Himarwa said yesterday that public schools will now begin at 08h00 from 25 June to accommodate the winter season.

“Schools will start not later than 08h30, and not earlier than 07h30,” the minister told The Namibian, adding that the starting time will revert back to normal in the summer.

In a statement issued last Friday, education permanent secretary Sanet Steenkamp stated that the ministry observed that some schools in the Khomas region have not adjusted their times as directed due to the circumstances in those schools.

“After a thorough assessment of the circumstances prevailing in schools, the ministry has observed that further guidance should be provided to schools to minimise learners going to schools when it is too dark,” Steenkamp said.

The ministry noted that it took into consideration the double shift system, the distance that children have to travel to schools, pupils and teachers who rely on public transport, and the parent community that needs to drop their children in schools before 08h00 and pick them up before 14h00.

“Schools offering the platoon system should finish teaching not later than 16h30 in the afternoon. This is an interim winter time change that will run annually with the commencement of the second term until the end of August, whereupon schools will resort back to the original time,” her statement read.

Steenkamp said schools should adjust their time, and all efforts should be made to ensure maximum usage of time to enhance teaching and learning.

“Each school should inform the respective parent community of the change,” she added

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