Rundu’s Service Delivery Woes

Rundu Town Council has indicated it may not renew its contract with Nored when it expires.

This decision is based primarily on the fact that most of Nored’s revenue is generated at Rundu, yet when it comes to fulfilling its obligations of service delivery, the town is neglected.

Large parts of informal settlements are not yet electrified, and street lights around the town are out of order.

While the decision to not renew the contract may seem to be the right one, it is also worth noting that it may be disastrous, and could significantly affect the inhabitants of the town.

In exception to the new administration, the Rundu Town Council has a long track record of maladministration. It has been struggling to deliver basic services.

Despite being next to the Okavango River, some settlements at Rundu are facing daily water outages.

It seems the council can’t figure out how to sort out the water crisis.

Another service the council is failing at is roads mantaintance.

Roads are neglected – even in the central business district (CBD) potholes are damaging cars.

Poor waste management is anothe r headache: The town is dirty, and waste is lying all over the CBD.

This makes one wonder whether this town council has a waste management department at all.

The question is: If the Rundu Town Council is failing to deliver basic services, what makes it think residents will trust it to manage the town’s power supply?

Let’s hope power supply under the Rundu Town Council does not add to the headaches of the town’s residents.

EK Ndara

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