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Michael Amushelelo

Dear mr president, you encapsulate an important and integral chapter in Namibia’s history.

Nangolo Mbumba does not need any introduction. Even though the Presidency is challenging and demanding, I have no doubt that you occupying the highest office of the country represents hope.

Judging by your track record, you have played an important role in the negotiations for Walvis Bay to be returned to Namibia in 1994.

As a young person of 28, I know that it was God’s intention that you are the fourth president of Namibia, and will probably lead for a year only.

What you have done thus far as a president can be seen and touched. With the shortest period in office as the head of state, I know you will be able to move mountains and lead this beautiful nation to great heights.

Mr President, my humble appeal to you is that you address the following issues before leaving office:

If you do this, you will be forever be remembered with respect and dignity.

1) Give madam Monica Geingos a mother of the year award for 2024. It takes great courage and persistence for one to handle what she has handled.

Many of us regard her as a great source of inspiration.

2) A national prayer day is needed for Namibia – including all religions.

Mr President, times are tough, and we are still emerging from the economic fallout of Covid-19, followed by the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

On top of this, we have severe drought, and we are worried about the future of South Africa and its impact on the Namibian economy.

3) We need to start a national conversation on how to forge a new social contract aimed at addressing unemployment in Namibia. Unless urgent action is taken to address the backwards slide of the youth, Namibia will forever reap the opposite of so-called demographic dividends.

4) The very long overdue basic income grant (BIG) must be implemented without delay. John F Kennedy once said if a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich either.

The BIG could be the central pillar of Namibia’s social welfare system. May we forge a path towards a future where poverty no longer dictates our destiny.

5) Namibia should host an employment creation conference, where we will speak about a ‘Project Namibia’, because we have never spoken about it.

We should do what South Africa did in 1910 when it became a union.

They established four republics and made sure each province has an activity the others do not have to stimulate economic development.

In conclusion, our freedom fighters won political freedom, but poverty was never defeated.

Mr President and vice president, together we will make Namibia a successful country.

Long live Mr President.

Long live Namibia, a child of international solidarity, midwifed by the United Nations.

Alfeus Hamundja

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