Oshana governor urges youth to study green hydrogen

The governor of the Oshana region, Elia Irimari, has called on the youth in the region to familiarise themselves with green hydrogen and take up studies related to green hydrogen technology.

He says is important for young people to recognise the importance of green hydrogen as the world is faced with an urgent need to transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.

Irimari said this during an information session on green hydrogen scholarships at Ongwediva yesterday.

“Green hydrogen, derived from renewable sources like wind and solar power, has emerged as a promising solution to this challenge.

“It has the potential to revolutionise our energy systems, reduce carbon emissions, and create new economic opportunities. Recognising the importance of green hydrogen, our government in partnership with the German ministry of education has launched the green hydrogen scholarship initiative,” he said.

Irimari said the programme aims to support and encourage talented individuals who wish to pursue higher education and research in the field of green hydrogen.

He said the scholarships will provide financial assistance to students pursuing undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies in disciplines related to green hydrogen technology.

“We believe by investing in the education and training of these young minds, we can foster innovation, drive research, and ultimately accelerate the adoption of green hydrogen technologies.

“The success of this initiative depends on our collective efforts and commitment to a sustainable future. Together, we can create a world where green hyrdogen plays a vital role in meeting our energy needs while preserving our environment for future generations,” Irimari said.

Renewable energy and green hydrogen project expert Shimweefeleni Hamutwe said the government has set aside an amount of five million euros to fund the studies of young people who wish to pursue green hydrogen-related fields.

He called on young people to apply for green hydrogen scholarships being offered by the government.

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