Open Letter to Minister on Windhoek and Walvis

Erastus Uutoni

Dear minister Erastus Uutoni, we humbly request that you visit the Municipality of Walvis Bay and the City of Windhoek, as many irregularities are taking place there.

Let me mention as an example the appointment of RedForce as debt collectors – an entity which, by my understanding, is not even owned by a Namibian citizen.

On two occasions, one on a video clip and the other during a council meeting at Ongwediva, you mentioned that councillors must intervene and act when residents accuse RedForce of wrongdoing.

In a local newspaper you also mentioned that it is the fault of the involved individuals themselves when they end up in debt with local authorities.

This statement, however, could not be further from the truth.

The Namibian government gives pensioners a grant of N$1 400 per month while their municipal accounts are no less then N$1 300 a month, and electricity no less then N$1 000 a month.

How can you as minister of urban and rural development realistically expect a pensioner to pay for these basic needs without falling into debt, when the grant is their only source of income?

Honourable minister, why did they appoint RedForce when they have a credit control department – as RedForce adds an additional 12% to the outstanding balance, indebting individuals even more?

Was the appointment of RedForce a council decision?

Why are they disconnecting the water of an unemployed widow, whose debt has accumulated to over N$200 000.

Is this not denying her her constitutional right to basic services?

A council resolution has directed that the outstanding debts of pensioners be written off – why is it that junior employees of the Municipality of Walvis Bay decide whose debts are written off?

They contradict the council resolution on many occasions.

I also request that you visit the plot owners of Brakwater to listen to and understand the unfairness they are experiencing with the City of Windhoek.

Honourable minister, with all due respect, we urge you to get out of your comfort zone and address these concerns of the public.

Chris Kleinsmith

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