Omaruru to introduce smart metering

Mobile Telecommunications Company (MTC) and the Municipality of Omaruru have signed an agreement to pave the way for improved connectivity and the implementation of a smart meter network for water management at the town.

“This technology will improve efficiency for both the municipality and residents, enabling real-time water usage monitoring and potentially streamlining billing processes. Secondly, in addition to that, the challenge that we have is connectivity. We are actually migrating to smart meters. So, if we have a smart grid network within the town, that is also a tool for efficiency in terms of our service delivery,” says Omaruru chief executive Valentinus Sindongo.

He says Omaruru residents have had to travel long distances for simple tasks like SIM card replacements, therefore the agreement aims to improve accessibility by establishing service points within Omaruru, bringing essential services closer to residents.

“This agreement is going to ensure that it improves services to Omaruru and its surrounding areas, such as small settlement villages, so those people within those segments are able to come to Omaruru and have service at their doorsteps,” Sindongo says.

MTC chief commercial officer Octivius Kahiya says due to the town’s proximity to mining operations, the agreement acknowledges the importance of providing reliable connectivity to these vital economic hubs.

“Recognising Omaruru’s role in supporting the mining industry, the agreement prioritises ensuring continuous and seamless connectivity for both the mines themselves and residents who commute from Omaruru for employment. This comprehensive approach ensures effective communication and strengthens Omaruru’s digital infrastructure for the benefit of the entire community,” he says.

– The Brief

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