Nedbank CitiDash back for fourth year 

The CEO of the City of Windhoek, Moses Matyayi; Selma Kaulinge and Martha Murorua of Nedbank Namibia; the mayor of Windhoek, Queen Omagano Kamati; minister of sport Agnes Tjongarero and event organiser Tokkie Bombosch. Photo: Nedbank

The popular mass participation running event, the Nedbank CitiDash, will be held for the fourth time on 8 September this year.

The event, which first took place in 2018 and 2019, and then after the Covid years in 2023, has become a popular pastime, with more than 2 000 runners from all walks of life competing at last year’s event.

At yesterday’s launch, event organiser Frank Bombosch said there will be two categories over the 10km race, one for elite athletes and social runners, as well as a 5km run for social runners.

Prize money of N$100 000 is up for grabs for the elite men and women, as well as the top athletes with visual impairments and those using wheelchairs, courtesy of Nedbank’s sponsorship.

Minister of sport, youth and national service Agnes Tjongarero at the launch said running has recently become more popular in Namibia.

“In recent years we have witnessed a remarkable surge in the popularity of running among Namibians from all walks of life. This growth is no coincidence. Running, in its beautiful simplicity, is perhaps the most inclusive sport we have. It has the unique power to touch the lives of all Namibians – regardless of age, background or ability,” she said.

“Running is more than just a physical activity. It’s a holistic practice that nurtures both body and mind. Physically it strengthens our hearts, improves blood circulation and helps maintain a healthy weight.

“Mentally it releases endorphins, reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Many runners even ascribe the rhythmic nature of running as meditative, offering a moment of peace in our busy lives,” she said.

“The Nedbank CitiDash embodies all of these qualities. It’s not just a race, it’s a celebration of inclusivity and community. We anticipate a diverse array of participants – from elite athletes pushing their limits to enthusiastic beginners taking their first steps, to families enjoying a fun, active outing together.

“This year’s event promises to showcase one of the greatest line-ups in Namibian running history,” she said.

The managing director of Nedbank Namibia, Martha Murorua, said running is the perfect metaphor for life.

“Both are filled with uphill battles, moments of doubt, and the exhilarating feeling of pushing past your limits. Just as in running, life demands perseverance, resilience, and the courage to keep moving forward, no matter the obstacles.

“Every mile marker in a race is like a milestone in life, reminding us to celebrate progress and keep our eyes on the road ahead. The journey may be tough, but the sense of accomplishment and growth makes every step worth it,” she said.

“This event not only celebrates the spirit of competition, but also the essence of health, wellness, and community. Running has always been a popular activity, transcending borders and cultures,” Murorua said.

She said besides sponsoring major sporting events like the Nedbank Desert Dash and the Nedbank Cycle Challenge, the bank has also started to make their mark in running, with the launch of the CitiDash as well as the Nedbank Running Club in recent years.

“The Nedbank Running Club has grown significantly over the years and continues to offer a wealth of benefits to its members, from community support and expert training, as well as competitive opportunities.

“The Nedbank Running Club has since seen branches open in Zimbabwe and Lesotho, and we are proud to say that several top Namibian running athletes are also members of the Nedbank Running Club,” she said.

“Elite runners such as Helalia Johannes, Simon Paulus and Rainhold Tomas, who was crowned the winner in the elite men’s race in last year’s Nedbank CitiDash, are members of the Nedbank Running Club.

“Through their membership they can compete against the best athletes across the continent at some of the top running events in Africa.

“With assistance from the Nedbank Running Club, they are even given the unique opportunity to challenge for the Olympic qualification,” Murorua said.

The 5km and 10km entry fees are N$150, which include a branded Nedbank CitiDash T-shirt, while the 10km elite run entry fee is N$350, which also includes a branded Nedbank CitiDash T-shirt.

Group entries for pupils are N$100 per entry, while online entry is possible via the Nedbank CitiDash website (Nedbank Citi Dash/Facebook), Pay Today Home (Pay Today) or at Cycletec BicycleShop.

Entries opened yesterday, and the first entrant was Windhoek mayor Queen Kamati.

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