Namibia urged to manage money better for growth

Namibia has been called on to improve the way it uses funds to enhance its economic competitiveness and capitalise on available opportunities.

Ninety One founder and chief executive Hendrik du Toit urged stakeholders at the recent Nasia Networking Series event to use private credit and equity for well-governed projects, especially when it comes to limited listed companies.

He said investments should support both business growth and pension sustainability.

This comes as industry leaders at the event outlined clear recommendations to address key challenges and opportunities in the country’s investment landscape.

Du Toit said: “We should focus on competitiveness and available opportunities.”

He highlighted the potential of private credit and equity to fund well-governed projects, emphasising the scarcity of listed companies as a barrier.

Du Toit advocated for robust regulatory frameworks to bolster investor confidence.

Addressing sustainability challenges, he pointed out Namibia’s need to align agricultural practices with global market demands for low-carbon products.

“Unlike the United States with its green investment incentives, Namibia must carve its own unique path,” he said, urging stakeholders to consider the impact of European border taxes favouring low-carbon economies on market access and economic viability.

Anne Cabot-Alletzhauser highlighted the importance of mobilising Namibia’s long-term savings for sustainable development.

“We need to address the sustainable development imperatives of Namibia and enhance the quality of life for Namibians,” she said.

Criticising foreign pension fund models as unsuitable for Africa’s development context, Cabot-Alletzhauser called for broader industry engagement beyond traditional pension fund priorities.

“There is a significant gap in Namibia’s investment landscape,” she said, urging local stakeholders to explore diverse investment opportunities aligned with national developmental goals.

Meanwhile, Sydwill Scholtz, the operations manager at the Retirement Funds Institute, addressed the importance of integrating environmental, social and governance principles in investment strategies.

“Our members rely on pension funds for savings and risk management,” he said.

Scholtz stressed the institute’s commitment to educating members on sustainable investing practices and promoting long-term financial security.

“Starting early and maintaining consistent investments are crucial,” he said, highlighting the societal benefits of responsible financial stewardship.

Industry leaders at the event emphasised regulatory clarity, sustainable investment strategies and stakeholder collaboration as pivotal to achieving sustainable economic growth and prosperity in Namibia. – The Brief

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