Namibia struggles with climate change effects

CLIMATE TALKS … (FLTR) Tiemay Aregawi, ESCAY Advisor; Muluken Dubale, ESCAY Expert; Federic Bayard, ESCAY Project Director; Ana Beatriz Martins, EU Ambassador to Namibia; Bryan Eiseb, FIC Namibia Director; Zenobia Barry, FIC Namibia Deputy Director; Silke Hofs, EU Programme Manager and Pinehas Moloto, ESCAY Expert.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the global community.

This is according to Chris Movirongo, Fortescue Namibia’s country director.

“For countries like Namibia, the climate emergency presents a chance to take control of its future energy needs and secure economic prosperity,” he says.

“Namibia is well-positioned to move towards a green energy future with its vast renewable resources, particularly in wind and sunlight,” Movirongo says.

He says decarbonisation through the replacement of fossil fuels is not only an environmental necessity, but also the path to a stronger, more resilient economy and nation.

“It offers abundant low-cost green energy, enhances global competitiveness and diversifies the economy to prepare for a carbon-conscious world,” Movirongo says.

Fortescue Energy is transforming into an international green energy, technology and resources company, focusing on hydropower, geothermal, wind and solar resources to meet growing global demand for green hydrogen and energy, the country director says.

He says the company is exploring projects in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, the United States, South America and Australia.

Partnerships with Strathmore University are advancing research in green hydrogen production, storage and distribution, Movirongo says.

He says Fortescue is committed to partnering with nations like Namibia to harness the potential of renewable energy.

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