‘Music Heals My Soul’ – Shiponga Nayi

Elias ‘Shiponga Nayi’ Ndjabeka of the Fudala Loxion Band believes music is the one thing that heals his soul.

Born blind, Shiponga Nayi (18) says he doesn’t regret the work of God but rather chooses to embrace his musical talents.

The teenager chose to pursue music over academics, after dropping out of Eluwa Special School at Ongwediva shortly after the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

The Fudala Loxion Band comprises two members, with the second member being Erasmus Almas (27), also known as ‘Dunco’.

Shiponga largely depends on Dunco during performances.

“He has become my eyes now, and life has become better and easier ever since we met,” Shiponga says.

The duo first met in Windhoek during a short school holiday in 2019, and a year later, Shiponga decided to go professional with his music after permanently relocating to the city.

Shiponga Nayi was born at Odibo, near Oshikango in the Ohangwena region, but he spent the majority of his childhood at Eluwa Special School as a hostel-based student.

He says his move to Windhoek was entirely in search of greener pastures and to pursue growth in his music career.

“Moving to Windhoek, I first started playing along with the drums at different drinking outlets for a small income to feed myself. I met up with Dunco, who sees and also discovers his talent through me,” says Shiponga Nayi.

Following that, he began performing Tate Buti’s song ‘Meke Meke’ for one of his uncles, who supported him and encouraged him to start performing for an income.

Shiponga Nayi says they soon began freestyling and performing at various shebeens around the city.

According to Dunco, life was initially challenging for them, with several ups and downs. However, they chose to resolve their differences and collaborate for the better.

“Since 2020, we have been performing for as little as N$5 on kwaito songs,” says Dunco.

He adds that they usually perform in areas like Ombili, Havana, Goreangab and Otjomuise.

Occasionally, during tough times, they venture into town.

“The money we make is mostly spent on food and clothes, since we do not receive any support from our families due to long distances,” Dunco says.

In 2021, Fudala Loxion recorded their first song, ‘Ayishunamo’, which was included on Kangweson’s album ‘Ombaxu Nokavava’.

“We also recorded a song with Zomblam titled, ‘If It’s Not Today’ but the song could not be released as the producer lost the file,” Dunco says.

As the duo began strategising to expand and grow their brand, they encountered kwaito star D Kandjafa, who introduced them to various contacts, enabling them to perform for a better income.

In 2023, the band had the chance to perform in front of a larger audience at their debut show during the Mansa Munsa birthday celebration in the capital. They freestyled and performed four songs alongside their friend Bongani from South Africa.

“The response from the audience was very satisfying,” says Dunco.

Near the end of last year, the duo was introduced to female singer Maria Lisa, also known as ML, through the YouTuber ‘Uncle You-Tube’, who posted their freestyle video of the song ‘Emirate’ on YouTube.

According to Shiponga, ML encouraged them to register with Nascam to protect their musical copyright.


The band officially released their brand new song and music video, ‘Namibia Stand Up’, last week.

Produced by Pro Humble of Kayon Records, the song is about heroes and heroines of the Land of the Brave, and gives credit to local celebrities like Ras Sheehama.

According to Shiponga Nayi, the song is a foretaste of what to expect on their first upcoming studio album, due to be released towards the end of the year.

The ‘Namibia Stand Up’ music video is currently on YouTube and other online music platforms.

It was shot by Sodo of Basement Films and directed by Oskillo and Good Kid.

“We shot the video in the Ombili location, because that’s where our journey began.”

Dunco says the upcoming album will contain 12 songs of various genres to cater to all Namibians.

They plan on working with local artists such as Gallo 7, D Kandjafa, Exit, Appi 7 and ML.

They also want to feature the Oviritje singer Mooi Ngaro.


Shiponga Nayi says being born blind does not hinder him from being creative.

He describes his condition as the work of God.

He advises fellow people with disabilities to continue working hard and keep on moving to challenge such situations.


ML, who is currently helping the band promote their music, recently took to social media to call for pledges to assist the band with donations for studio sessions.

ML says the support is to help the duo improve their music and for individuals to assist with sponsorships such as equipment, clothes and monetary contributions to help their careers thrive.

By the end of the year, the duo sees itself aiming high and contributing to the music industry while representing Namibia on global stages.

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