Multi-nominated ‘Waters’ breaks barriers

Harry Tjipueja

Namibian singer and songwriter Harry Tjipueja, known as ‘Waters’, has been nominated for four awards in the Kenyan 2024 Africa Arts Entertainment Awards.

The awards ceremony will take place in August.

Celebrated for his unique blend of local Namibian dialects, Waters has managed to secure nominations in five different countries in one year.

The RnB artist has been nominated in the artist of the year category for southern Africa, the song of the year category for West Africa with his song ‘Kwelizayo’, featuring Mashudu, the music video of the year for southern Africa with the song ‘Slo Mo’, and the album/EP of the year for southern Africa with the song ‘Becoming the Alchemist’.

“It’s a great honour to be nominated for four awards in Kenya. These awards showcase the dedication of my team and their passion for showcasing my talent in different countries.

“I also take pride that songs in which I incorporated local Namibian dialects like Otjiherero are being recognised and are winning awards,” he says.

Waters says he hopes the Namibian government would invest more in music and arts, as a result of his success.

“Receiving these nominations signifies that I am breaking boundaries and achieving milestones that no Namibian artist has ever reached,” he says.

Waters says he has been nominated for awards in Zambia, Kenya, Lesotho, South Africa and Nigeria in one year and is the first Namibian to perform at some of these events.

He says he is currently working on his album, which features collaborations with Bobby Shmurda and Yo Maps.

“We aim to release this project by October and I’m incredibly excited. It’s a blend of different styles and influences I hope will resonate with my fans and listeners everywhere.

“I have also become a member of the American Songwriters Academy, so I am sharpening my writing skills. I am ready to become a global superstar,” he says.

Waters says the nominations give other Namibian artists hope, showing them the impossible is indeed possible.

“I hope they attract investors, as we have been doing everything on our own without any sponsorship. Additionally, I wish the government would fix the royalty payout system, because currently most artists in Namibia are not making money from their music.

“I also hope these nominations lead to the creation of platforms for young people who are passionate about music and the arts, providing them with better opportunities and support,” he says.

‘Kwelizayo’ secured a Metro FM Award in South Africa and is described by Waters as a special track that blends Zulu, Otjiherero and English.

“The beat was crafted by DJ Kboz and my team managed to secure a feature with Mashudu. We shot the video with Spectrum and the song did incredibly well.

“Also, ‘Becoming the Alchemist’ is an amazing body of work in which I experimented with my vocals and incorporated a bit of Pidgin.

“This EP represents my journey and growth as an artist, pushing boundaries and exploring new musical territories,” he says.

Waters says his journey is not just about his own success, but also about paving the way for the future of the music industry in the region.

“I am looking forward to so many things at the awards ceremonies. Seeing new places is particularly exciting for me, as I haven’t travelled much before and music is allowing me to do so.

“I’m eager to network with other artists and explore potential collaborations. Of course, I am also looking forward to performing and sharing my music with new audiences,” he says.

“I am slowly establishing myself as an international artist. This recognition not only validates my hard work and talent, but also opens doors to new opportunities, collaborations and audiences. It’s a major step forward in my journey,” Waters says. –

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