Minister of sport, youth and national service Agnes Tjongarero at the launch of the Nedbank CitiDash

It is my great pleasure to address you today as we launch the 2024 edition of the Nedbank CitiDash. 

This event stands as a testament to the resilience, collaboration, and indomitable spirit of running that we hold dear in our nation.

First and foremost, allow me to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Nedbank Namibia for their unwavering commitment in fostering athleticism and community engagement in our country. 

Your dedication to this cause is truly commendable.

In recent years, we’ve witnessed a remarkable surge in the popularity of running among Namibians from all walks of life. This growth is no coincidence. Running, in its beautiful simplicity, is perhaps the most inclusive sport we have. 

It has the unique power to touch the lives of all Namibians, regardless of age, background, or ability.

The beauty of running lies in its accessibility and adaptability. Whether you’re a child just discovering the joy of movement, a senior maintaining an active lifestyle, or anyone in between, running welcomes you. 

It can be tailored to any fitness level – from a gentle walk to an exhilarating sprint. Its flexibility allows it to fit into our diverse lifestyles and schedules, making it a truly democratic sport.

But running is more than just a physical activity. It’s a holistic practice  that  nurtures  both  body  and  mind.  Physically,  it strengthens our hearts, improves blood circulation, and helps maintain a healthy weight. Mentally, it releases endorphins, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Many runners even describe the rhythmic nature of running as meditative, offering a moment of peace in our busy lives.

Moreover, running connects us with our surroundings, encouraging an appreciation for nature and promoting outdoor activity. In a world increasingly dominated by screens and indoor living, this connection to our environment is more valuable than ever.

The Nedbank CitiDash embodies all these qualities. It’s not just a race; it’s a celebration of inclusivity and community. We anticipate a diverse array of participants – from elite athletes pushing their limits, to enthusiastic beginners taking their first steps, to families enjoying a fun, active outing together. 

This year’s event promises to showcase one of the greatest line-ups in Namibian running history.

I must also commend the co-sponsors – CycleTec, Checkers, and Altra Running Shoes – for joining hands with Nedbank Namibia in this noble endeavour. Your collective efforts form a united front in elevating sport in Namibia.

Nedbank Namibia’s commitment to actively and intentionally doing good in our communities is particularly noteworthy. This aligns perfectly with our government’s vision for a healthier, more vibrant Namibia. Your impact extends far beyond the realm of finance, touching lives and fostering community spirit.

In closing, I once again express my deepest gratitude to Nedbank Namibia, all co-sponsors, and our vibrant running community for their relentless dedication. We look forward to seeing you all on 8 September for what promises to be an epic race.

Thank you, and may the spirit of running continue to unite and inspire our nation.

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