Men are Also Abused

We live in a context defined by society.

We feed and water abuse to grow stronger on a daily basis.

No one deserves poor treatment in life.

Words uttered to manipulate you into thinking you are the cause of any unfavourable situation in a relationship are unhealthy words.

Men are often turned against their own through words.

Their children, family, friends and acquaintances are often manipulated by words.

Men then quietly withdraw into a ‘comfort zone’ of depression.

They often try to maintain an image that is not real – sometimes accumulating debt to keep the so-called flame of a relationship alive.

Meanwhile, they are slowly dying inside – sometimes drinking to cope.

At times they resort to unsafe sexual encounters to feel like men, while being held hostage by the person they chose over everyone else.

Meanwhile, their ‘better half’ is living the life, discussing with her friends how incompetent they are.

Men shy away from seeking help, thinking as men they ought to be strong – a culture established by our ancestors.

Men need to cry. Men must cry. Men can cry and be vulnerable as well.

Men should rise and live their lives.

Don’t succumb to torture and trying to keep what has long been buried.

Alcohol and resorting to a chaotic lifestyle will put you six feet under ground.

So I submit, my dear brothers, that we are abused and that we allow it!

Don’t be buried alive by abuse.

Clemens Karuaihe

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