‘Mee Maria’ sued N$1,5m for calling ex combatants witches

Wendelinus Ndiwakalunga Hamutenya-Jeremia

The Former Plan Combatants Association is suing gay activist Wendelinus Hamutenya for N$1,5 million for alleged insults made in a TikTok video last year.

According to High Court documents, Hamutenya, also known as ‘mee Maria’ allegedly called former People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (Plan) combatants sexually promiscuous, witches and said they practised witchcraft.

The association, which boasts a membership of 1 388, said Hamutenya referred to its members as stupid and said their brains are upside down.

According to the association, Hamutenya accused them of being backward people, who are worthless and good for nothing, destitute, live in squalid conditions and who urinate and defecate in plastic bags and dispose of the plastic bags every morning.

The association claimed in the court documents that Hamutenya alleged that they lack understanding of the purpose of the liberation struggle and they should be removed from Namibia.

“Further, defendant (Hamutenya) falsely accused and imputed that the members of plaintiff (Former Plan Combatants Association) are opposed to members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex and other (LGBTQI+) community and have insulted the defendant and members of the LGBTQI+ community, without substantiating the nature of insults and/or identifying the specific person who insulted the defendant and/or directing his vulgar and scathing derogatory statements directly to such individual,” noted the association in the court documents.

The association noted that Hamutenya’s statements are wrong, malicious, false, demeaning and unlawful and were intentionally meant to tarnish and injure its good name, reputation, dignity, esteem and to discredit their unwavering sacrifices, contributions and credentials in the liberation struggle.

“The statements or innuendos made by the defendant are understood by right thinking members of society with ordinary intelligence to mean that members of plaintiff (Former Plan Combatants Association) are people of loose morals, people with an immorally insatiable thirst for sex and sexual intercourse, witches who practice witchcraft and people of ill-repute, who are sexually promiscuous.”

The Namibian tried unsuccessfully to reach out to Hamutenya for comment yesterday. A text message sent to Hamutenya’s cellphone went unanswered.

Hamutenya has, however, filed a notice of defence.

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