‘I’m a pastor turned sugar baby – now rich men buy my kids gifts’

Going from religious pastor to racy model is quite the career change.

Nikole Mitchell grew up in a Baptist family in ohio, US and had been a pastor for two years before she became “disillusioned” and ditched her faith in 2017. Since then, she’s had three children – Mercy (13), Eden (11) and Judah (8) – and has picked up several jobs, including adult content creation and life coaching.

The mum said becoming a model has helped her have the life she always wanted after being “on food stamps for 10 years” and she has recently bought her own house and proposed to her partner. What’s more, fans of her content not only shower her with money and presents, but they also buy gifts for her kids too.

Speaking in an episode of My Extraordinary Fam- ily on the Truly YouTube channel, Nikole said: “I don’t think people realise how poor I was. I was on food stamps for almost 10 years. I couldn’t afford anything and I still get tears in my eyes at the leaps in my life that have been able to get me here.”

In the video, the mum can be seen asking her kids if they want to do some baking and pulls out two “brownie in a pan” easy cooking kits that are designed for children and were sent to the family by a fan. When one of her children points out that the pans are for kids, Nikole states: “They are kid pans, that’s why he sent them for you guys.”

She then added: “My fans are so good to me and not just to me, they’re so good to my children. They’ve bought me so many things, from lingerie to luggage to my son’s toys. My fans will joke, ‘Are those toys for your kids or are they for you?’”

Nikole’s daughter also showed off a guitar she was gifted by a fan and said that while she “didn’t expect” to get any gifts from her mum’s paying fans, she does “really enjoy it”.

Although some people criticise Nikole for not keeping her work life and private life separate, the mum argued she wants to “brag” about her children because she’s so proud of them. She said: “I love my kids, I brag about my kids, I take a lot of pride in them. It’s hard for me to not talk about them.

“[My fans] are giving gifts that are child-appro- priate and they’re exactly what my kids want. I just think when it comes to my adult platform, people think it’s inappropriate. It’s okay if they judge, I feel very supported and I honestly feel like this is the new version of ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. I have an online village. My fans feel very fulfilled and everyone wins.”

Nikole also stated that while her job has allowed her to grow a thicker skin, she does still get emo- tional over some of the judgement and negativity she receives on social media. She said comments that call her a “horrible mother” are the worst ones to read and said people don’t seem to understand that her kids are not involved in her work life at all.

“I do my work with adults and then I parent my kids as a mum,” she argued, “there is no crossing over of the two.” – mirror.co.uk

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