Gondwana Care Trust: A Story of Community Stewardship

SMILES AND HIGH FIVES … GCT back-to-school Christmas Bags spreading joy.

The Gondwana Care Trust (GCT) was established with the mission of making a positive difference to communities around Gondwana lodges, but it has gone beyond that by becoming a beacon of hope and support for many in Namibia.

Founded in 2017, GCT to date has enabled and supported projects by assisting other organisations in giving back to the communities that contribute to their success, thereby strengthening the link between Namibia and Gondwana Collection Namibia.


The GCT is overseen by a board of trustees and audited annually with donations being directed towards social, educational and environmental programmes. Beneficiaries and projects are chosen through a rigorous application procedure and undergo continuous evaluation. The trust is integrated into company activities to increase efficiency, social investment and brand effect.

Gondwana Collection Namibia chief executive Gys Joubert, and one of six trustees, shares a personal reflection: “Seeing the smiles on the faces of children who benefit from projects like the Back-to-School Christmas Bag is incredibly rewarding. It’s not just about providing resources; it’s about giving hope and opportunity.”

Sonia Noirfalise-Corsini, another trustee, says, “here at Gondwana, we pride ourselves in supporting organisations that are empowered and have the ability to continue to grow their projects independently from our support. The support rendered is given out on different levels, from food support to education and collaboration with other entities.”

Social Impact

The trust sources funding from lodge curio shops and The Narrative web store, and helps beneficiaries become self-sufficient and self-managing in their enterprises. Facilitating interaction with additional sponsors promotes long-term viability.

Supporting communities in need, the trust continued to support two key projects, MealForTwo and The Back-to-School Christmas Bag, while increasing its focus on education.
MealForTwo Project

In collaboration with local organisations and soup kitchens, the GCT delivers food to Namibian individuals who need it most.

According to the global hunger index of 2023, Namibia ranks 78th out of 125 nations. This means Namibia has a moderate level of hunger, as seen by its 18,0 score.

In light of statistics like these, the MealForTwo Project was established with the primary purpose to minimise the number of Namibians who experience food insecurity on a daily basis. To date, GCT, with support from partners, supplied 52 500 meals to about 5 000 beneficiaries in the first three months of 2024.

Back-to-School Christmas Bag Project

The Back-to-School Christmas Bag Project distributed 3 269 bags to children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Namibia last year.

To date, 48 schools were supported in nine regions including Epupa Kindergarten in the Kunene region, Ngoma Combined School in the Zambezi region and The Lighthouse Community Hope Centre in Windhoek, to mention a few.

Between 2020 and 2022, protein and essential food items were added to the Back-to-School Christmas Bag Project to help children and families cope with Covid-19.

During 2023, the trust restored the bag’s original goal of assisting children returning to school. Each bag includes stationery, hygiene supplies, educational materials or books, candy and a Christmas present.

Other supported projects and beneficiaries

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One of the main priorities of the GCT has always been education. The GCT achieved this goal in 2022 by partnering with a Namibian organisation – Eduvision.

Namibian e-learning is the primary emphasis of Eduvision Online Learning (EOL), a contemporary development-based project. Eduvision was established in 2018 with the goal of ensuring that students in smaller villages receive education of the same standard as those in larger cities.

The organisation focuses on improving the methods of instruction in rural areas. Eduvision combines e-learning and technology to bring this ideal to life by reinventing the teaching and learning process in a way that benefits both educators and students.

The trust seeks to reduce opportunity poverty by improving and developing the educational system. EOL hopes to support 50 schools by 2026, of which over 20 schools are currently being supported, basically ensuring that all students have equal access to high-quality education by equating schools across the nation.

The GCT, in collaboration with EOL, raised over N$2 million for the Eduvision Adopt-a-School initiative at a networking and fundraising event in Namibia. All this acquired funding will go to supporting more schools around the country.

Etuhole Pre-Primary School and Day Care

The MealForTwo and Back-to-School Christmas Bag projects benefit the Etuhole Pre-Primary School and Day Care in Windhoek.
In order to give orphans and other vulnerable children a disciplined, calm, nurturing and engaging learning environment, Eunike liyambo founded the school in 2012 out of her living room.

Her larger goal was to end the cycle of hopelessness and provide the kids with a better future by educating them and showing them the love and care she would have given if they were her own. The school consists of seven classrooms, occupied by seven teachers.

Sikunga Fish Protection Project

Seapride Foods has made donations of frozen veggies and canned protein to the Sikunga Fish Guards via the Gondwana Care Trust.

Fish stocks in the Zambezi, Chobe and Kwando River systems have been shown to be diminishing, and the region’s floodplains are being overfished. The Sikunga Fish Guards patrol the Zambezi River and capture unauthorised fishermen in their role as river protectors. Additionally, FirstRand Namibia Foundation Trust has financially supported the project.

Looking Ahead

The Gondwana Care Trust remains committed to its mission, continuously identifying new projects and opportunities to support communities. With initiatives like the Back-to-School Christmas Bag Project aiming to reach over 5 000 children, the trust’s impact is set to grow even further.

Furthermore, it continues to be a leader in its field of how dedicated efforts can lead to meaningful change, benefiting both communities and the environment.

By staying true to its mission and adapting to new challenges, the trust ensures a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

Partnerships & Impact

Gondwana extends its heartfelt gratitude to the esteemed partners of the GCT for their invaluable support in achieving our goals and projects.

The contributions from Rössing Foundation, Capricorn Foundation, FirstRand Namibia Foundation Trust and Global United have been instrumental in advancing our mission.

We also appreciate the dedicated efforts of Wecke & Voigts, Groote Post Wines, Namib Mills, Namib Poultry, Kercon, Seapride Foods, Potentia, PSG Wealth, Frans Indongo Group, Kaleidoscope Marketing, Learning Nation, Rotary International, African Marketing and other individual sponsors.

Each partner’s commitment and generosity have been crucial in driving our initiatives forward, and we are deeply thankful for their unwavering support.

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