Environment fund rewards green champions

CHAMPIONS … SM Biocycle Converts CC won the title of private sector champion for start-up organisations at the Sustainable Development Awards at the Windhoek Country Club yesterday. Photo: Josá Markowitz

The Environmental Investment Fund (EIF) of Namibia capped the winners of the Sustainable Development Awards on Wednesday.

The ceremony highlighted the achievements of individuals and organisations leading the charge towards a greener future, while emphasising the importance of continued collaboration.

Ruan Bestibier, the group head of sustainability at Capricorn Group, at the event highlighted the awards’ significance as more than mere recognition, but also representing a collective commitment to building a resilient, sustainable and equitable Namibia.

The diverse award categories, encompassing private sector leadership, community-driven initiatives, and sustainable education, highlighted the intricate landscape of sustainability endeavours, he said.

“Each award winner exemplified dedication, innovation and positive social impact, emphasising the crucial role individuals, companies and organisations play in shaping a sustainable future,” Bestibier said.

He expressed his appreciation of the EIF and its sponsors for their support since the inception of the awards in 2015.

“This continued dedication has significantly amplified the impact of sustainable development efforts in Namibia. As the ceremony celebrated excellence, it was presented as a call to action, inspiring continued efforts towards a future built on sustainable practices,” Bestibier said.

Executive director of environment, forestry and tourism Teofilus Nghitilaa shared the ministry’s early involvement in establishing environmental monitoring programmes and the groundbreaking sustainable development and rights of country framework.

He acknowledged the initial hurdles in establishing the awards programme, emphasising the collaborative spirit and youthful energy that brought it to life.

Nghitila emphasised the critical importance of the ministry, which is entrusted with safeguarding Namibia’s environment, national parks, wildlife and forest resources.

He commended the minister’s instrumental role in promoting sustainable practices, particularly in the realm of conservation efforts.

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