Ees educates with EESy School

Award-winning artist and entrepreneur Eric Sell, better known as Ees, has been working on a school project, EESy School.

“I was approached by two German teachers, who have seen how I connect with kids in other schools, to start my own programme that schools can then book and have me visit their schools to teach the pupils about Namibia, our culture, our history, our dances, our languages, the nature and wildlife and music. It took about seven months to build and finalise the whole EESy School programme,” he says.

The project mainly operates in German-speaking European countries. It is a full school programme that can be booked by schools as an extra curriculum.

“Over the years, I have been based overseas and realised that people there know very little about Namibia. They are not aware of various things such as where it is even situated, how our flag looks like and how our music sounds like. So, it only felt right to go in this direction and start teaching them young,” he says.


Ees says he is pleased to have a platform where he can teach youngsters about a country that they are not aware of.

“The school gets divided into four groups. Each group then gets a Namibia map with four stations and starts off the EESy School programme day in a different class. One class will be a quiz, where the pupils will watch a 15-minute video of me talking about a lot of things about Namibia, such as the Namibian flag colours, our history, nature, animals and music. The second class learns a song of mine ‘Sundowner’, where I tell them about the Namibian sunsets and then they get to sing a song along that vibe. The third class is the creative class, where they have to design a big poster and get lots of Namibian elements. In the last class, I will be there personally teaching them about Namibian music and how to dance to it. All groups change after that and rotate to the next class,” Ees says.

He says children are very open-minded and telling them about Namibia gives them a new perspective on life.

“It is amazing to see the kids’ eyes and energy when I tell them about Namibia. They learn that there is a world out there that they do not know yet and they take it more seriously,” Ees says.

On the music side, Ees plans to release his latest album ‘Good Vibes Only’ in August. He will also be putting out a second acoustic album later this year.

He says he is also working on a new spice that he intends to launch by the beginning of next month in Namibia.

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