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27 September 2023

Shiimi questions Namcor, Enercon N$60m deal

Minister of finance and public enterprises Iipumbu Shiimi has questioned why the National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia (Namcor) accepted a monthly...

Nakale’s final days: ‘I thank God for my journey’

His voice had became hoarse, a far cry from the one that blasts from jukeboxes and in taxis around the country. Known for his charisma...

‘He died in my arms’

“He was still in a pool of blood. I then tried to turn him around to help him, but my brother was already dead....

More Top Stories

More Top Stories

Q&A: Nakale’s Last Dance

Otto Gotlieb (OG) had a candid conversation with Marais Sadrag Nakale (N) at his residence at Ekoka in the Ohangwena region recently, a discussion that...

Govt information centre gets post-Covid role

Minister of information and communication technology (ICT) Peya Mushelenga has announced a new role for the government information centre that had previously been used...
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Scholtz wins Wanderers’ top awards

National spin bowler Bernard Scholtz won Wanderers Cricket Club’s Sportsman of the Year award at their annual prizegiving function on Saturday.  Scholtz, who also won...



Rape, murder suspect in Lüderitz court

A 24-year-old man appeared in the Lüderitz Magistrate’s Court yesterday in connection with the alleged murder of a resident of the coastal town, Gerome...

Rape and murder suspect in Lüderitz court

Jared Munjanu (24) appeared in the Lüderitz Magistrate's Court on Monday in connection with the murder, theft and rape of Gerome Helgrain (41). The incident...

Ex-cop who murdered daughter (2) jailed for 20 years

“The option he chose was to blame that little girl for her own death – that she fell onto the floor in his room...
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Innovative strategies to conquer year-end fatigue

As we approach the conclusion of another year, many of us find ourselves grappling with a familiar adversary: workplace fatigue. With the days growing...

Tips for aspiring young Namibian business leaders in changing world

IN TODAY’S DYNAMIC global economy, Namibian business tertiary students and aspiring business leaders are presented with both unprecedented opportunities and unique challenges that keep...

Arandis gets N$60 million charcoal factory

IN a move hailed as a significant step toward environmental conservation and economic growth, a N$60-million green charcoal production facility was inaugurated at Arandis...
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Arafath leaves gap in music industry

It has been almost seven months since acclaimed music...


Inside South Africa’s Operation Dudula: ‘Why we hate foreigners’

South African anti-migrant group Operation Dudula has become notorious for raiding businesses belonging to foreign nationals and forcing shops to close. BBC Africa Eye...



Trade Fairs Could Become Year-Round Dynamic Hubs

Trade fairs, bustling events where businesses gather to showcase their latest products and innovations, have long been recognised as catalysts for economic growth. The just-ended...

Investing in Africa’s Green Transition

African leaders and global policymakers recently gathered in Kenya for the inaugural Africa Climate Summit to discuss the challenges of funding climate solutions. The summit...

Post-Covid Priorities and Financial Responsibilities

We are witnessing unprecedented challenges globally. The Covid-19 pandemic, for example, reshaped not only our daily lives but also our economic landscapes. In this era of...