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The Namibian Home PageTue 27 Jan 2015, 14:22Last update: 27 Jan 2015
The Namibian
Tue 27 Jan 2015
 LET'S try and pay teachers, ministers and nurses according to work performance, improvement and excellence at each given term and let's see the difference afterwards.
 RESIDENTS of Omuthiya town, the town council is charging us a lot of money in rates and taxes. Let's demand development and the removal of domestic animals from the town.
 I FAIL to understand why the houses built by Namib Bou in Ondangwa have no burglar bars on the windows or perimeters. Are all these services not paid for? This is a serious concern that needs to be investigated.
 MARIA Mwengere Senior Secondary School in Kavango East has not been doing well ever since it was established. Ministry of Education, you know this but you are quiet. Do something please; our children fail too much.
 MINE Workers Union of Namibia president, please contact us. We, the B2 Gold Mine workers, want to join the union as soon as possible. We want a better life and working conditions.
What are the biggest issues that Hage Geingob's administration would have to deal with?

1. Curbing corruption

2. Improving the quality of education and healthcare

3. Provide dignified housing for all

4. Create more jobs

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