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The Namibian
The Namibian Home PageWed 1 Apr 2015, 18:33Last update: 1 Apr 2015

The Namibian
Wed 1 Apr 2015
 PRESIDENT Hage Geingob, please give us a response on the issue of tax-free bonuses. Why does a bonus have to be taxed if it is only given once a year?
 COMRADE President, congratulations! I humbly request your office to send a team to evaluate the salaries for administrative officers up to the position of control administrative officers.
 MAYOR of Helao Nafidi Town Council, please do something to improve the living standard of the council workers. Currently the cleaners get only N$600 per month. We are tired of this situation.
 ONANDJOKWE Lutheran Hospital pharmacy, please speed up your service. We are dying while waiting for our medication because you are so slow.
 POLICE officers are not underpaid, they just over-commit themselves with lots of insurance policies and cash loans. Police are paid even more than bank clerks, believe me.
Is Hage Geingob's cabinet the right size to deal with Namibia's biggest issues?

1. Yes, his appointments are solid

2. No, too many cooks spoil the broth

3. Maybe, but he'll have to manage them well

4. Hell no! The problems are too big to fix in 1 term

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