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The Namibian
Tue 31 Mar 2015
 PRESIDENT Hage Geingob, appoint two deputy ministers at the health and education ministries so that each deputy can be responsible for seven regions.
 WE have to be vigilant, Namibians. The Chinese are very cunning and can get the tobacco project going in the Zambezi region through the back door.
 I AM happy about the decision taken by the Bank of Namibia, which compels all commercial banks to stop deducting money deposited into customers' accounts.
 MINISTER of poverty eradication and social welfare, Bishop Zephania Kameeta and your deputy minister, I wish you all the best and hope that you will raise valuable points concerning poverty in our country.
 ALCOHOL abuse is a big problem in Namibia.
 MEE Monica Geingos resembles Michelle Obama.
Is Hage Geingob's cabinet the right size to deal with Namibia's biggest issues?

1. Yes, his appointments are solid

2. No, too many cooks spoil the broth

3. Maybe, but he'll have to manage them well

4. Hell no! The problems are too big to fix in 1 term

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