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The Namibian
Fri 17 Apr 2015
 THOSE shortsighted people who want the colonial statues removed, agree then that all of them must be removed, including the so-called unknown soldier at Heroes Acre who was never in the front of the battle, like Jonas Savimbi.
 PRESIDENT Hage Geingob, did your staff inform you about the pending water crisis in Windhoek? Within the next decade there will not be enough water for Windhoek residents.
 JOB Amupanda was sent by God to free the captive land. Many of you were born poor but became corrupt at the expense of the masses. Stop gambling with other people's lives. We are not beggars and we will never be. Poverty is not right, and who own Namibia'
 I THINK it would be logical to rebrand Job's 'Affirmative Repositioning' to 'Affirmative Land Allocation' (ALA). Sounds more friendly.
 I SAY no to the tobacco project in Zambezi. The Chinese can go ahead and plant the maize but not tobacco. Where can I sign the petition?
Is Hage Geingob's cabinet the right size to deal with Namibia's biggest issues?

1. Yes, his appointments are solid

2. No, too many cooks spoil the broth

3. Maybe, but he'll have to manage them well

4. Hell no! The problems are too big to fix in 1 term

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