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The Namibian
Mon 27 Jul 2015
 *MY good leaders, why don't we unite by asking the nation for their opinions on how the land issue should be handled. We are suffering.
 *MR President, get involved in National Youth Service. We, the youth, are crying day and night, especially the trainees of the 8th intake. Senior management are enriching themselves.
 *DEAR Mr President - you said no Namibian would be left behind. Why is it that only Grade 12s and not Grade 10s are considered for NDF recruitment?
 *PLEASE minister of labour, when will you have answers to our problem? We want Shoprite to recognise our union.
Has government dealt with the housing crisis appropriately?

1. No, not at all

2. They are trying their best

3. All talk, no action

4. Yes, through NHE & mass housing

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