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The Namibian
Mon 24 Nov 2014
 IT is so sad. When I hear sirens, I do not feel the satisfaction of knowing that our law enforcers are catching the criminals who have taken over our city. Instead I know it's only a politician going home.
 COUNCILLOR of Tobias Hainyeko, we want you to see our new location as you promised us. You said we will get electricity but up to now nothing changed and you still want us to vote in the elections?
 SWAPO, what Nangolo Mbumba said at the Sam Nujoma Stadium is not professional. If you want to surrender in Swapo, just go down alone. Stop saying stupid things in the name of Swapo.
 JOB Amupanda, as a leader you will be bad and selfish just like most of the Namibian politicians and their families. You want land for your family. All we hear is me, me, me. If you had received that erf earlier, you would not have bothered about other pe
 PEOPLE are confusing individual weaknesses with the Swapo Party. How can a party with mental bankruptcy keep winning elections overwhelmingly. Swapo is just great, vote for it and see more.
Are you going to vote in the upcoming National Assembly and Presidential elections?

1. Yes! It' my duty.

2. No! Swapo will win anyway.

3. Maybe, but I haven't decided who to vote for.

4. Hell no! I'm not into politics.

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