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The Namibian
Thu 28 May 2015
 *EXACTLY how is the declaration of assets by the Presidential couple going to aid poverty reduction in Namibia?
 *A BIG NO! MR President, we cannot possibly give civil servants permission to do any private businesses (like the First Lady has shown). Stop this stupid proposal now, please.
 *DO we all accept that the Zambezi region is not part of Namibia? And if not, why haven't they changed to winter time since the introduction by the Founding President Sam Nujoma?
 *MINISTER of education, come and see how teachers are suffering at Berg Aukas. We have been without water and electricity since 7 December 2012. The ministry of youth is behind this.
Will divorcing teachers' colleges from Unam improve the education system?

1. No, it is a waste of money.

2. Yes, it will attract those with passion.

3. It doesn't matter. Students will enroll anyway.

4. Maybe, but they must raise the entry requirements.

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