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The Namibian
Mon 27 Apr 2015
 *THE “Thank God it's Friday” culture allows public servants to wear jeans, T-shirts and takkies on Fridays. This practice should stop, especially for staff members from the Office of the Prime Minister.
 *HOW can you be a councillor and have a permanent job at the same time? One will suffer as the President said. The councillor's jobs must be reserved for the unemployed.
 *VEIKKO Nekundi, do you still remember what Nahas Angula told you after your election to the top Swapo structures? I just want you to recall it. That's all.
 *MINISTER of urban and rural development, thank you for your move here in the Zambezi region. Serviced land is just too expensive.
 *WHAT is wrong with the police in Khorixas? They do not take a statement even when one is insulted because of skin colour.
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