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The Namibian Home PageThu 18 Sep 2014, 09:40Last update: 18 Sep 2014
The Namibian
Thu 18 Sep 2014
 WELL done Dudley for your cartoons. You say what most rational-thinking people know.
 HOW dare BH make such a mockery of poor Namibians like you did in The Namibian newspaper? Greed will destroy this nation. Is there another tender for BH in the pipeline for him to make such outrageous statements?
 MINISTRY of Youth, National Service, Sports and Culture, can't you find a qualified Namibian to head the Berg Aukas training centre instead of a foreigner? What a leadership vacuum in this country.
 FELLOW citizens, help us to understand why the Oshikoto education directorate takes more than a month to pay teachers for holiday lessons. Next time the teachers will go to well-organised regions.
 HOW do you explain this. The NBC manager in Otjiwarongo is forever out of office doing his personal errands during office hours. NBC head office do something to stop this rot.
In light of recent media reports, do you think the fisheries sector is in crisis?

1. No, it's just a media storm

2. Yes, sack the minister

3. Maybe, but do we have all the info yet?

4. Never! Namibians are getting empowered

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