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The Namibian
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The Namibian
Wed 1 Apr 2015
 VICKY ya Toivo, are you serious that the minimum wage for domestic workers only applies to those working in households and not to those working in government or other offices? This new law is a big joke!
 PRESIDENT Hage Geingob, no one from the Kavango West region is featuring anywhere in your strong team of ministers and deputy ministers. Was it by mistake or design?
 COMRADE councillor of Endola constituency Ferdinand Shifidi, can you please explain to us when the construction of the Endola-Onhuno road will be completed? It's been three years now. - Disappointed residents
 PLEASE leave Steven Isaack alone. Let him be the governor to do better for the region.
 WHAT happened to Richard Kamwi? Why am I not seeing him amongst the new ministers?
Is Hage Geingob's cabinet the right size to deal with Namibia's biggest issues?

1. Yes, his appointments are solid

2. No, too many cooks spoil the broth

3. Maybe, but he'll have to manage them well

4. Hell no! The problems are too big to fix in 1 term

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