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The Namibian
Mon 20 Apr 2015
 I HEAR we have a forestry office in Walvis Bay. Can someone please show us the forest that they have to control here, or are the sand dunes a forest with different tree species in Namibia?
 WHY is the NCCI so quiet about the economic injustices happening in our country? Did they become toothless dogs? Million dollar tenders are given only to the families and friends of the politically connected.
 ANYONE with information on available scholarships for Namibians to study medicine or dentistry abroad, please contact me on 0816377416.
 HEARTBREAKING story, Theresia Tjihenuna. Namibia, let us please assist ouma Maria. And where are the mothers and fathers - her children - of those children?
 MR President, we, the white people of Namibia, are tired of all the bad things that some people are writing about us in the newspapers! Are we only bad? This is supposed to be a free, independent country. It looks like we are on our way to become South Af
Is Hage Geingob's cabinet the right size to deal with Namibia's biggest issues?

1. Yes, his appointments are solid

2. No, too many cooks spoil the broth

3. Maybe, but he'll have to manage them well

4. Hell no! The problems are too big to fix in 1 term

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